The exhibition Refiguring the Future was the result of the hard work and insight of numerous individuals. We respectfully acknowledge the labor of everyone involved in realizing this project. We thank the Hunter College Art Galleries staff: Marie Coneys, Phi Nguyen, and Jocelyn Spaar; as well as AV technicians Dominika Ksel and Carlos Rigau. We thank the Eyebeam staff: Maddie Pinney, Joanna Gould, Sarah O’Connell, Adrian E. Rivera, Marisa Mazria Katz, Nick Leavens, and Magali Duzant. We are grateful to Jesse Gammage, Cathy Leibowitz, and Natalie Wedeking for their work on this publication. We wish to acknowledge artist Barak adé Soleil for offering insights into access and accessibility surrounding the exhibition and we extend our appreciation to Ezra Benus, disability arts and access advisor.

We are grateful to all those who facilitated loans for the Refiguring the Future exhibition: Daniela Ramos, Mary Ryan, and Jeffrey Lee, RYAN LEE Gallery, New York; Theo Downes-Le Guin and Caitlin Motley, Upfor Gallery, Portland, Oregon; and Farley Gwazda, The Sonya Rapport Legacy Trust. Refiguring the Future is supported by grants from the Open Society Foundations and John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as part of the NetGain Partnership. Additional support for the presentation of Refiguring the Future at the Hunter College Art Galleries is made possible by the David Bershad Family Foundation, the Susan V. Bershad Charitable Fund, Inc., Carol and Arthur Goldberg, Agnes Gund, Joan Lazarus, and the Hunter College Foundation.